Historically, the outsourcing industry has seen considerable growth from the information technology (IT) sector. This gave rise to business process outsourcing and now knowledge process outsourcing. Can project management services be outsourced? Surprisingly, this concept is still in its infancy. Judging from the growth in outsourcing of other business processes there seems to be very good opportunity for project management outsourcing.

A majority of processes project management outsourcing that could be outsourced are those for project control. The concept could be understood in terms of various structures, roles, and models. Although it has some advantages there are some challenges as well. For example, an organization interested in maintaining its focus on its core competency could benefit from it. At the same time there could loss of control or threat of loss of sensitive data.

Some organisations have successfully outsourced their project control functions to outside vendors. The main challenges in the growth of project management outsourcing is in accepting project control as a separate function and in delegating this to other departments or third party vendors. Although some sectors have a separate structure of project controls in place this is not prevalent in many organizations. There is need for increasing awareness and sharing of best practices by different sectors on this subject. Here at Newtechnologyspace we make Outsourced Project Management service accessible and flexible to all our clients by allowing them to focus on their on business development. We adapt and utilise all up to date standard for projects management regardless of the industry. Be it IT, Construction, Transportation, Finance, Information Security or any other relevant industry which would have a demand for such a service. All our Project managers and staff are qualified members of Project management Bodies such as PMI and others. Should you consider outsourcing your project to us or wish to discuss the opportunity please do not hesitate to contact us.