Latest revision of requirements.

The following website logo should be used and linked / optimised to all future designs of the project. Logo design in all possible relevant format will be provided to the developer who will accept this job and will fulfil our expectations. We guess web design should be compatible with logo and colour ergonomics and compatibility has to be reached.

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Whilst browsing on the internet we found few templates, websites which product owner liked however they had a lack of functionality they’d require.

Project and idea is based on airbnb model

          1. Create fully responsive bright colors and modern looking website for Flatshare, RoomShare and property listings in London on DRUPAL, Word Press or alternative Platform or even build it from zero, which will be published on the domain: (some old and dated website build on code igniter)
          2. Make sign up process similar like in spot at home but divide it into few parts like in : A. tenant(A.1 Student, A.2 Professional A.3 Current tenant), B. Landlord (B.1 living landlord B.2 Live out Landlord
            C. AGENCY D. Affiliate also add extra sign-in options via email (google, Yahoo, Yandex), social networks(Facebook, Instagram, twitter, Vkontakte, odnoklassniki, LinkedIn). Also, it should have options for a person to specify whether their phone number is connected to Whatsapp, Viber, Telegram, Skype and other popular messengers and comms platforms. 
            overlook spotathome UK booking process for booking in our platform
            Once person signed in or pre-filled any details (if applicable)  front page should open with a map which will pickup persons location based on where is he visiting from or have his location services active and will show him nearest available properties with rooms, accommodation and nearest available listing based on IP location etc. If there are no location services London central should be shown by default. Also, the menu should have an option to check or access ALL LISTINGS if required just to cover visitors interest for listings and raising brand awareness.
            consider copy and especially booking process in comparison to the spotathome booking process.
            similar to page to be integrated into the new website menu.
          3. Every listing should have separate rooms information splitting one listing rooms to enable person/client to list or describe the number of rooms available at the property like room 1, room2, room3, room4 and so forth based on information questionnaire when it’s confirmed. Basically, the platform should allow listing not only properties with all details but should also allow properties with individual rooms to be added with information. When we say individual rooms is: Usually property or flat has many rooms! We need to be able to list rooms with information allocated to the rooms separately regardless of flat or property is still the same.
            reflection of Listing information could be similar to this example:
          4. The platform should have an admin panel where listings could be authorized before publishing if applicable or person contacted if the information is incorrect or invalidated. Other usual admin and listing content control features should be also active.
            The platform should have extension and optimization to IOS and ANDROID smartphones and built taking this into consideration. Responsive and fully compatible
          5. The latest stage with Automated messenger chatbots should be integrated to automate responses and booking processes based on AI learning and database of questions/answers.
          6. Very important. The platform should have easy access to most popular SEO and paid marketing platforms and integrations so our relevant managers can proceed with promoting the platform in our chosen channels and link it to automated lead gen and marketing platforms for leads and prospects generation and conversions.
          7. does not have internal automation with user experience, that’s why we need our new project to be more flexible with new features and functionality similar to those examples:
            A. Listing with map example with automate resizing and maps beside pictures

        B. some features like documents and references upload or credit check feature in REFERENCES section. Also very easy to navigate and understand user/tenant panel on:

  1. Website or platform should have a facility for a live internal chat between landlord and client which could have a communication only after reservation or money has been paid+suppose to have file attachment feature for exchanging contracts between them as required.
  2. Platform final payment review page suppose to have options where:
    A. Instant booking – landlords, freelancers-resellers, tenants can not cancel reservation, it does not have option to cancel.
    B. Request booking – where reservation still have to be confirmed by all parties and still can be cancelled

If you are a group of developers/designers or a creative individual developer. We are looking forward to hearing from you with your fixed price for this kind of work without IOS, ANDROID APPS first. OS based app is to be discussed at later stages if applicable.

 We are putting priority for responsive web version first because we do not understand how something can be non-responsive in 21 century among the projects!  We also considering WordPress or Drupal Paid templates with maximum similarity to our specs which can be rebuild or extended to our specs. However, practice shows that fully coded from zero web project should be safer.

Main priority, due to functionality was linked and given to this similar product: Below are examples of what product owner liked within paid WordPress templates and specifications also it reflects partial functionality of functional requirement for the project:

sparker 80% main CORE TEMPLATE WHICH INCLUDES SYSTEM+ADMIN PANEL should be upgraded to a new version which is a combination of SPARKER+CRAFTORY+CITYBOOK templates
CRAFTORY page and all similarity should be transferred to sparker main core system and added to general CMS template. This info is linked to clause nr 2 above. This is the way information should be provided if USER ADMIN panel  has good user admin panel for users/landlords/agencies should be added to SPARKER CORE TEMPLATE or change the existing one in SPARKER  up to the snadrart so it can match the one from  CITYBOOK.


Upon agreeing on terms and fixed pricing for this job a person (Project Manager) will be allocated to a person or group of programmers/designers/DEVOPS who will constantly coordinate and follow the work and give specific tasks gradually or will follow your reports together to achieve better results. PM will understand the issues and complexity of the project in order to properly direct the work. Please respond only to the person who invited you to this page or our authorised personnel relevant to this project. Otherwise all information requests will be denied and ignored!